Why invest in London?

By Matthew Okeefe

Reasons to invest in London are endless, it’s one of the world’s major players, the epicentre of Europe’s business market and it’s incredibly culturally diverse. 

The capital of the UK is the largest city in Europe, with 8.63 million in 2014(Business Insider) people residing in the cities multiple boroughs. A city with a young population, nearly 66% of the Londoners are under the age of 44, this points to a healthy workforce for years to come (Business Insider).

The London we know today, is the combination of two ancient cities,the City of London and City of Westminster which together make up Greater London. The cities financial district is home to some of the world’s biggest banks, such as Lloyds Banking Group and Standard Chartered, making the city an economically safe place to invest and live.

The City of London, UK.

London contributes to over a fifth of the UK’s GVA, producing £334bn in income which is 22% of the total of the UK; the City of London contributes 3% which equates to £45bn as of 2014 (City of London, 2015).

London’s economy is experiencing experiential growth and is expected to increase at a rate faster than that of New York and Paris (Telegraph, 2015).  London already has a significantly larger GDP than that of several countries including Sweden and Belgium (PWC, 2008). Property in the city has seen an increase in pricing like no other region in the UK, rents are rising at a faster rate than house prices with 4.1% increase in April 2015 (Knight Frank, 2015).

London has long been a hub for workers, people move from around the world looking to be part of the cities booming economy. There are 454,700 people employed in the City of London, with a further 277,400 employed in the Tower Hamlets and a giant 724,700 currently in employment in Westminster (City of London Gov). The City of London is home to 17,980 businesses, with 200+ employing upwards of 250 workers, while on the other side of the scale there are over 12,000 businesses with 0-4 employees (City of London Gov).

Current ShareProperty Investment opportunity based in London


Engineered with the investor in mind, Regent88 aims to offer a unique opportunity to invest in a high-quality commercial asset. Situated in a prime London hotspot, investors can potentially benefit from both rental yields of 8% per annum, in addition to some very promising projected capital appreciation figures. The property is fully managed by a top UK management company, ‘Silver Hopkins Asset Management’.

Key features:

  • Full title deed registered at the UK Land Registry
  • Exclusive and luxurious serviced offices in the heart of London
  • 8% provided by the developer for the duration of the three-year investment term
  • Projected minimum annual growth of 5% per year
  • Located within close proximity of the Olympic Village, Liverpool Street and Kings Cross railway station
  • 120% Developer Buy Back option after 10 years
  • Fully operated and managed investment
  • Potential returns paid quarterly
  • The asset will look to be sold after 3-5 years
  • Serviced office space set to double by 2025

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Capital at Risk 

If you are interested in finding out more about Regent 88 get in touch with Matthew (matthew.okeefe@shareproperty.co.uk). Please note, we also have several other investment opportunities including Daniel House, a newly refurbished residential apartment block, situated within a thriving area of Liverpool. View Daniel HouseCapital at Risk

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