Why use crowdfunding?

Cost effective

We aim to provide a cost effective alternative source of funding for landlords and developers with proven track records


Our automated process will provide an initial response within 48 hours. The investment team will then assist with the project analysis


We aim to provide a simpler form of development and investment capital for landlords and developers


The investment and legal team will assist you throughout the process

your capital is at risk if you invest. read our key risks

Invest in property from £100 and build your own property portfolio

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How to submit a property

Documents checklist

Professional documents must already be in place

Complete our quick property vendor verification process, submit a copy of standard photo ID and your company details.

List and market properties

We list your property on our market and other platforms

We list properties on our site and include these within our advertising campaigns and market heavily to our investor network as well as institutional partners. All conducted seamlessly on our platform.

Complete conveyance and withdraw funds

Land registry title and shareholder certificates

Deposit and withdraw funds from your account

Recieve transfers into your account once sale purchase is complete. Developers and agents also must pay any returns to their investors through the system for us to distribute.

Complete online application

Submit as a broker, agent, owner or developer

Complete our simple online application process by answering the questions in the application form. Once submitted we will get back in touch very quickly if your property is suitable for us. We may ask for additional documentations to be submitted as we follow a strict FCA standard property vetting process and maintain best practice..

Manage buyers, investors and transactions

Approach the market, Q&A with investors and buyers

Complete crowd investment sales and full unit sales through our platform. Reservation fees for full unit sales are paid directly into the platform in which sellers will be notified.

Arrange a callback today to see how you can work with us

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A rundown of how to sell property or raise funds for your project

Agree terms

List on platform

Distribute funds

Key benefits

Cash buyer

The platform acts as a cash buyer for the right projects so sellers will receive cash after a simple, low cost, centralised legal conveyancing process is completed

Return criteria

Our investment must be of quality to excite our investor network, in order to fulfil this all applications must satisfy our investment criteria

Project management

Project management tech teamed with expert consultants helps us maintain successful progress

Financial management

All cash is securely managed within leading specialised third party client escrow accounts

Monthly performance measurement

An online project management toolkit enables a simple means of certifying development works

Financing flexibility

We aim to work with you to provide the most appropriate financing structure

Quarterly RICS valuations

Our RICS partners will perform quaterly RICS valuations on the development

Online documentation

Tax, legal, title deeds, share certificates all in one place.

45-60 days

Typically we need a maximum window of 45 to 60 days, but look to fund within a few weeks

We market property investments to our network

Property Developers

Property developers submit properties they are currently marketing to the platform, we then market to our investors as full unit purchase or crowdfunded investment.

Submit enquiry

How we work with property developers

Agents, Introducers and Brokers

Agents and brokers contract properties they are currently marketing to ShareProperty, we then market to our investors as full unit purchase or crowdfunded investment

Submit enquiry

Sell buy-to-let

Equity release

Buy and refurb

Development finance

Fees £500 flat fee on sale 1.5% flat fee on sale 1.5% in / 1.5% out 1.5% in / 1.5% out
Minimum fundraiser equity x x 5% 10%
Funding requirement £50,000+ £50,000+ £100,000+ £200,000+
Estimated annual return 5%+ 5%+ 8%+ 12%+
Track record
Rental/ capital growth
Tenanted or ready
Refurbishment required
Select Select Select Select

Your capital is at risk if you invest. Read our Key Risks

Have any questions?

You may find your answers within our FAQ or you may contact us directly

Support centre

Investing in early stage businesses involves risks, including loss of capital, illiquidity (the inability to sell assets quickly or without substantial loss in value) and lack of dividends and should only be done as part of a diversified portfolio. Your capital is at risk if you invest. Please note that past performance and forecasts are not relaible indicators of future results.

These pages do not include and are in no way intended to be a promotion of any individual investment opportunity. The summary information is intended solely to display a snapshot of what Shareproperty Limited is aiming to deliver and to determine whether you would like to be provided with more in-depth information.

Any investment decision must be made solely on the basis of the full details provided particular to that development or investment opportunity as it fits your criteria. Full details of any investment opportunity, Shareproperty Limited terms and conditions and data protection policies will be circulated to you.

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