Traditional property investment...

Portfolio approach

  • Agents, brokers, direct sourcing
  • Repossessions and auctions
  • Valuations and due dilligence
  • Conveyancing and legal agreements
  • Preparation of funds

Make investment

  • Get own equity in place
  • Set up cash flow plan
  • Apply for senior debt
  • Source development capital
  • Complete legals and title transfer

Earn potential income

  • Employ agency or self manage
  • Get property tenanted
  • Incur maintenance expenses
  • Insure against any damages
  • Optimise property for best possible yields

Value appreciation

  • Focus on hight growth locations
  • Purchase below market value
  • Renovate for highest rental growth
  • Buy an hold for rental growth
  • Target return on investment of 5%+

Which can lead to a number of challenges

Large entry costs and risk

A prospective buyer needs at least 25% equity up front. Extensive due diligence required.

Agent fees in and out

Agents typically charge the seller 0.75% - 3% of sale value to market a sale, and 10% to manage rental income

Mortgage processing

A mortgage in the current climate can take up to 3 months from application. Banks still risk averse since 2008

Bridging finance

High interest rates, ratchets, reposssession terms, bridging finance is a frightening prospect for most people

Missing out on details

The ability to finance and purchase sites quickly in the modern day property market is a key competitive advantage

Permissions and high tax

Buy-to-let taxes and increased stamp duty impacts on landlords and property developers profit

your capital is at risk if you invest. read our key risks

How we do it...

Properties submitted to us from the market

We offer two main types of finance to property owners, landlords and property developers. A low cost option to sell a property outright or finance developement capital and a new purchase

  • £500 to list your property for sale
  • 1.5% in / 1.5% out to raise funds after securing an option
  • All project and fund management is hosted on third party networks with expert guidance

We screen, select and manage investments

Our job as the platform is ultimately to provide unique access to a market previously unobtainable on a retail basis, with a £100 minimum investment entry point. As a provider it is our responsibility and extremely important that we follow the best industry practice. Transparency and simplicity are paramount, so our investors have all the facts they need to make informed decisions.

  • Simple, clearly structured pricing with no additional fees or charges
  • Tight project management using expert, wellm known property consultants
  • Technology infrastructure creates better security for payments, project assessment, due dilligence and project management

Investors crowdfund purchases and buy full units

Investors can access our projects from anywhere and build a catalogue of investments stored within their platform dashboard. Each investment is ring fenced and managed for the interests of our investors and in line with the shareholder agreement

  • Projects are maximum 3 year terms to ensure ivnestors have staggered liquidity
  • Rental income is distributed monthly by way of dividends. Our selected partners manage the property on your behalf.
  • Investors can select short term high potential projects such as a refurbishment or a passive buy-to-let in a developing location.

A dual sided property crowdfunding model

Investors and the property market coexist on ShareProperty, the platform is used as an online hub to find property development investment opportunities and centralises property finance by marketing vetted and appraised property based investments to our investor network submitted by property professionals


Investors access property opportunities and build a portfolio of investments blending their own risk/return appetite by mixing different types and timescales of property deals.

Low entry barriers

Invest from £100 into property deals as a crowd investor

Direct investment

Delayered, peer-to-peer, direct fractional ownership

Low fees

2% total transaction fees and 10% (+VAT) of rental income

A new source

The only property investment platform in South West & Wales


Properties are submitted through two main channels; ready-made investment property in which investors simply purchase, or projects requiring finance to purchase and add value.

Low fees

Sell you property for £500, raise funds without bridging loans

Quick turnaround

Indicated offer provided within 48hrs of property submission

Simple processes

Streamlined appraisal and due diligence using a rating system

Cash buyer

Property purchases from the crowd are typically cash deals

your capital is at risk if you invest. read our key risks

Investor protection

Investor protections are strengthened in the selection of quality deals, which are packaged as investments by developers, to ensure investors are protected and problems mitigated

Land registry title

Investors always hold asset-backed title equity in all properties purchased via the platform

Full voting A shares

All investors are treated parri passu with existing and new shareholders

Buy-back options

Deals marketed for property developers will typically carry exit options

Contracted income

We typically offer contracted returns or management of rental income

Comprehensive due dilligence

We carry out rigourus FCA standard project screening, assessment and selection procedures to determine which investments are the best fi for our crowd

Background checks

KYC and verification checks look to establish a picture of the legal background of individuals

Trading history

Examination and assessment of previous developments and success rate of key individuals

Asset profile

Full and proressional analysis of the property asset's use history, charges and planning permissions.

Returns and exit

Comprehensive understanding of how returns are generated and how ivnestors exit projects.

Invest in properties

Access the property market through fractional ownership of multiple properties. Build a portfolio return that fits your investment strategy

Start investing

Capital at risk if you invest

Sell your property or get funding

Utilise our investor network to sell existing properties from your portfolio or raise finance to fund new schemes using our delayered processes and rates

Have any questions?

You may find your answers within our FAQ or you may contact us directly

Support centre

Investing in early stage businesses involves risks, including loss of capital, illiquidity (the inability to sell assets quickly or without substantial loss in value) and lack of dividends and should only be done as part of a diversified portfolio. Your capital is at risk if you invest. Please note that past performance and forecasts are not relaible indicators of future results.

These pages do not include and are in no way intended to be a promotion of any individual investment opportunity. The summary information is intended solely to display a snapshot of what Shareproperty Limited is aiming to deliver and to determine whether you would like to be provided with more in-depth information.

Any investment decision must be made solely on the basis of the full details provided particular to that development or investment opportunity as it fits your criteria. Full details of any investment opportunity, Shareproperty Limited terms and conditions and data protection policies will be circulated to you.

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