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Our ‘Developer Portal,’ a third party crowdfunding service aims to break down all the barriers in selling property development to multiple investors; enabling property developers to not only host private markets for their property development listings, but also puts their offerings in front of our investor network.

There are no limits

There are no barriers, you can close every deal. The minimum investment can be set at whatever level the developer would like for each listing, with the minimum level just £100, which would buy a tiny fraction of the shares of the unit.

Controlled environments

Using segmentation and KYC, we ensure that all registered investors are segmented effectively, therefore developers can be comforted that they will not be sharing their own investor network with their competitors, but also gaining access to our wider network.

Eficient client servicing

Developer portals run parallel to our main service, using the same technology, management and activities to separate developers’ clients from our network. Support and customer services features are available to developers and we notify of any important information or questions.

Rules and regulation

Developer portals run under our wider umbrella, this enables us to manage the platforms effectively under our own regulatory permissions, ensuring best practice within investor on boarding and project due diligence is maintained at all times, removing a headache from a developer to focus on execution

your capital is at risk if you invest. read our key risks

Investors can buy shares in your units from £100 to £1,000,000

Specialised, seamless and secure payments managed in third party escrow accounts

Crowdfunding is changing the way we think about raising capital, and this can also be applied to property development. We enable investors to pool capital in a pot, in order to purchase units and contract all items and keep track of investments, by setting up a mini-investment company with the shareholders which manages each invest until the point of exit. We manage the board meetings and ensure all updates and potential returns are maintained.

Property developers get a branded, pubic and private investor spaces

Developers access a completely unique resource, which revolutionises how developers can think about marketing units. Our market of retail and professional investors can access properties live on the market, and for your existing investor clients, they can easily pool their capital into private listings on your private pages, our user segmentation ensures the developer can never lose any his contacts to rivals also using our platform

Manage all payments, contracts and marketing information

Our platform allows investors to pool capital, but also centralise requirements and events, for maximum market exposure balanced with investor transparency and project management. Shareholders can vote and will receive all appropriate documents and updates. We also have included legal and conveyancing costs; net margins and estimations on returns are fully outlined from the developer documents, explained in detail on each listing page

Become a partner and get a stake in the rapidly expanding online investment marketplace

Property developers should know about this

Join the digital revolution encapsulating the property and financial markets. Easily manage your existing client base and get maximum exposure to thousands of new investors.

Complete transactions and legals through our system in seconds!

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Our service includes...

  • Payments
  • Regulation
  • User servicing
  • Online privacy
  • File management
  • Integrations
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This is our feature

To begin with, send us a note, call or an enquiry through the website, so we can speak through whether your partnership request is part of our current strategy and criteria.

You will need a solid understanding with at least a few years’ experience working within the industry you are looking to partnering within.

We typically look for property developers with at least 5 completed projects or 5years+ experience in the field.

Property developers will need to submit all relevant marketing collateral for each project, as well as core documents such as valuation reports, surveys and plans. Once signed up, developers can easily draft and submit property profiles, in which we may as for a few extra pieces for, but if answered all the questions properly, we will have all the information requested, required by our FCA guidelines, to launch units on our market.

Transaction Size Min. Investment Early Access Auto-Invest Compound Invest Payment Type
Development Agent 3% £100 - - BACS/Digital
Development Agent 3% £100 - - BACS/Digital
Development Agent 3% £100 - - BACS/Digital
Development Agent 3% £100 - - BACS/Digital
Referral Partner 3% £100 - - BACS/Digital
Investor Introducer 1.5% £5,000 - - BACS

Property developers will be charged their typical commission rate in which will be in place for agents who use agencies to market their properties. If there is no such structure in place, property developers will be made in independent offer of commission structure, or use our development finance pricing options.

We think this is a revolutionary resource for property developers

Property developers must have access to their client base which have been carefully building for years! In reality, cash flow is often a problem for most investors. Using crowdfunding, the entry point of new property investments to add to your portfolio is suddenly much more obtainable!

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Investing in early stage businesses involves risks, including loss of capital, illiquidity (the inability to sell assets quickly or without substantial loss in value) and lack of dividends and should only be done as part of a diversified portfolio. Your capital is at risk if you invest. Please note that past performance and forecasts are not relaible indicators of future results.

These pages do not include and are in no way intended to be a promotion of any individual investment opportunity. The summary information is intended solely to display a snapshot of what Shareproperty Limited is aiming to deliver and to determine whether you would like to be provided with more in-depth information.

Any investment decision must be made solely on the basis of the full details provided particular to that development or investment opportunity as it fits your criteria. Full details of any investment opportunity, Shareproperty Limited terms and conditions and data protection policies will be circulated to you.

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