Everyone can invest in property

To democratise the real estate sector, providing mainstream access to diverse deal flow and unique financing opportunities.

Portfolio approach

Our initial investment strategy combines selective regional buy-to-let opportunities with shorter duration development projects

Geographic focus

High-growth and established locations across the UK. Location is key to capital growth and rental demand and so we look to find compelling opportunities across UK hotspots.

Technological infastructure

Our strategy is founded on a core technology backbone which enables multi-user participation, investment and reporting.

your capital is at risk if you invest. read our key risks

Invest in property from £100 and build your own property portfolio

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Our core values

What we deliver and why



We believe in a transparent model. No hidden charges or fees. Providing investors with all they need to clearly understand what they can expect to receive, and the risks associated with each individual investment.



We connect investors directly with property investment opportunities. With a low fixed overhead we are able to offer some of the most competitive rates and returns in the market.

New opportunities

New opportunities

Through fractional ownership we aim to provide a gateway to a range of property investments, from buy-to-let, to residential development, enabling anyone to participate.

Data driven

Data driven

We analyse the market to source deals with the capacity for rental and capital growth. This approach allows us to identify the right properties within property growth hotspots.

Investor security

All transactions are conducted within a secure online marketplace environment, with all funds being held in third party client accounts until fundraise completion.

Technology efficiency

The platform provides an end-to-end technological framework which increases efficiency of project appraisal and funding compared to traditional practices.

Selection process

A strict investment criteria drives a selection funnel based on risk and return means that only the most credible projects reach our investors.

Invest locally

Get involved in areas you know well, trust and care about as well as helping develop local housing and regeneration initiatives in up and coming areas.

Active project environment

New projects continually being posted for investors to engage with and receive regular updates on funded projects and market data.

Direct investment

Cutting out traditional layers of fees and beaurocracy, the platform enables users direct access to shares in property deals.

Rapid project finance

Following submission, an initial decision will be communicated within 48 hours, if in line with our investment strategy, you will be quickly taken through our due diligence process.

Resale market exchange

After an inital holding period of 3 months, investors have the ability to sell their shares to our investor network at a match bargain basis.

Competitive fees

We charge investors 1.5% per transaction and a 0.5% annual portfolio management charge. We also charge 10% + VAT of rental income to cover lettings management.

your capital is at risk if you invest. read our key risks

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A supportive ecosystem

Projects are sourced from the market.
Each project is subject to rigorous due dilligence before being offered to our community of investors.

Project and fund management

Each property is separately held in a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV). The asset is then managed through the SPV with regular investor reports and updates.

Monthly rental Income

Income is distributed monthly via dividends, each property or project is independently managed by our selected partners.

Expert selection committee

Each project is subject to a rigorous screening and risk assessment process prior to being offered to our members

Specialised transaction security

All data usage is governed by the rules of the Information Commissioners Office (ICO). Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption is used for all transactions.

your capital is at risk if you invest. read our key risks

A rundown of how to sell property or raise funds for your project

Agree terms

  • Submit property
  • Indicating offer
  • Additional details
  • Formal offer

List on platform

  • Agree funding window
  • Agree options
  • List of site
  • Market to investors

Distribute funds

  • Complete funding
  • Distribute capital
  • Manage property
  • Exit property at term

your capital is at risk if you invest. read our key risks

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Meet the team

Technology, finance, property driven leadership and management

Tim Linacre


David Rees

Co Founder

George Grigg

Co Founder

Mike Gahan

Non-Executive Director

Glyn Trott

Non-Executive Director

Andrew Watts

Non-Executive Director

Matthew Okeefe

Marketing Executive

Invest in property from £100 and build your own property portfolio

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Investing in early stage businesses involves risks, including loss of capital, illiquidity (the inability to sell assets quickly or without substantial loss in value) and lack of dividends and should only be done as part of a diversified portfolio. Your capital is at risk if you invest. Please note that past performance and forecasts are not relaible indicators of future results.

These pages do not include and are in no way intended to be a promotion of any individual investment opportunity. The summary information is intended solely to display a snapshot of what Shareproperty Limited is aiming to deliver and to determine whether you would like to be provided with more in-depth information.

Any investment decision must be made solely on the basis of the full details provided particular to that development or investment opportunity as it fits your criteria. Full details of any investment opportunity, Shareproperty Limited terms and conditions and data protection policies will be circulated to you.

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