A letter from the founders

By George Grigg

From the ShareProperty headquarters in Cardiff it is our aim to breathe new life into the investment landscape, utilising technology for users to build, and manage a bespoke property portfolio.

With technology steering the world of finance into a new and exciting age we wish to streamline the practice of raising funds and investing in property, using crowdfunding technology. Allied with realtime data analytics, ShareProperty is a live ecosystem for real estate information and investment.

Why now?

It is clear that the digital revolution in the financial arena is well under way, with all products and services having to adapt to the needs of the modern, savvy individual. ShareProperty therefore aims to cater to the requirements of the 21st Century investor, a business that simply makes sense!

What’s the vision?

With a vision to provide alternative investment opportunities to landlords, seasoned investors and those new to investing we aim to break down the barriers of property investment, permitting our subscribers to learn of projects, deals and lucrative investment opportunities that they can become a part of.

David Rees

David is one of the brains and founders behind ShareProperty, injecting his experience in software technology, research and investment banking into the business. Incredibly humbled by the response the company has already received David has a clear vision of what ShareProperty is set to achieve.

“We enter a new era of investment where technology creates process efficiency and opens up the market for property investment to a wider user group.  This “democratisation” is to some extent a societal leveller and something in which I have a passionate belief”

George Grigg

George has channelled his knowledge of finance and investment into the platform, having worked for a number of tech-driven start-ups during his career. Wanting to educate new and existing investors about such projects George is keen to promote the message of the brand.

‘Many people are unaware of just how many alternative investment opportunities they are in reach of. It is our aim to bridge this gap, ‘We wish to streamline the practice of raising funds and investing in property deals, using crowdfunding technology. We want to be part of the solution to a disjointed industry, breaking down the entry barriers which have long kept the property industry an elitist undemocratic one’.

Why are you launching ShareProperty together?

At the core of all entrepreneurs is a desire to make a positive difference.  In a world in which technology is fundamentally changing the nature of business,  reducing bureaucratic layers, and creating supply chain efficiencies, property (real estate) remains firmly rooted in a bygone era. Some like to talk about disruption, we prefer to think about it as evolution as the ordinary course.

Who will benefit from the service?

In short, anyone who has an interest in property.  ShareProperty is a platform which provides thought provoking research on the sector allied with carefully selected investment opportunity.  Whether you are an experienced investor in the market, a developer looking for funding or someone new to the market, we hope that ShareProperty can help.


We are incredibly excited about the opportunity to transform the way people and businesses invest in property.

We would like to thank our employees, partners and customers for their support running up to the launch and thoroughly look forward to keeping you all up to date on Share Property news in the coming weeks.

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These pages do not include and are in no way intended to be a promotion of any individual investment opportunity. The summary information is intended solely to display a snapshot of what Shareproperty Limited is aiming to deliver and to determine whether you would like to be provided with more in-depth information.

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