Build and manage a property
portfolio from £100

your capital is at risk if you invest. read our key risks

Property market access

Direct entry to the property market throught fractional ownership, provided by proven property specialists and expert management

Smart transactions

Specialised, seamless and secure payments managed in third party escrow accounts, designed for the digitial real estate marketplaces

Expert management

End-to-end, specialised digital real estate asset management infrastructure and traditional industry execution experience

Transparent fees

Investor fees at 15% per transaction are the lowest in the UK property crowdfunding market. We also charge 0.5% anual management fee

Invest in property from £100 and build your own property portfolio

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Properties now live

Invest directly into British property from £100; receive annual rental income as annual interest, plus capital gains and your original investment as a lump sum at the investment term end, which is decided by the crowd

 Open for investment

14 Kings Court, Newport, NP20


Total fund value


Est. gross APR

2 bedroom


3-year term


Net dividend yield


Gross yield


Est. capital growth

your capital is at risk if you invest. read our key risks

Invest in property from £100 and build your own property portfolio

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Why use crowdfunding to invest in the property market?

The property market is shown to have grown consistently over the last 20 years, the stock market as an example of typical investment option on the open market; the London Stock Exchange has shown negative growth over the same period.

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A supportive ecosystem

Projects are sourced from the market.
Each project is subject to rigorous due dilligence before being offered to our community of investors.

Project and fund management

Each property is separately held in a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV). The asset is then managed through the SPV with regular investor reports and updates.

Monthly rental Income

Income is distributed monthly via dividends, each property or project is independently managed by our selected partners.

Expert selection committee

Each project is subject to a rigorous screening and risk assessment process prior to being offered to our members

Specialised transaction security

All data usage is governed by the rules of the Information Commissioners Office (ICO). Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption is used for all transactions.

your capital is at risk if you invest. read our key risks

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A technology driven approach to property investment

Invest in projects from £100 and build a property portfolio

Unique market access

Access to a range of high quality investment opportunities from £100

Fractional ownership

Invest alongside experienced property professionals and build your portfolio

Dashboard analytics

Your personal dashboard will provide project updates and portfolio insights

Digital contracts

Sign and store all contracts, agreements and certificates seamlessly

Invest in properties

Access the property market through fractional ownership of multiple properties. Build a portfolio return that fits your investment strategy

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Sell your property or get funding

Utilise our investor network to sell existing properties from your portfolio or raise finance to fund new schemes using our delayered processes and rates

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Invest in property from £100 and build your own property portfolio

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